Excelsior College Launches Graduate Certificate In Cannabis Control

Cannabis Control

Cannabis Control

Excelsior College is launching a graduate certificate in “Cannabis Control.”

The not-for-profit online education provider says it put together a three-course, nine-credit certificate program in response to the needs of the relatively emerging, but rapidly expanding, cannabis sector.

An Excelsior spokesperson told Benzinga this certificate is a component of a larger academic ecosystem that enables learners to pursue programs, non-credit professional development opportunities, and micro-credentials in order to meet their personal and professional goals.

Each of the courses in this certificate will provide students with graduate-level credit that can be applied to the Excelsior master’s level programs in health sciences, business, public administration, and criminal justice. Cannabis Control

With unemployment hovering 13.3%, as of May, Excelsior seeks to educate students on a burgeoning industry and help them position themselves for success.

More On The Certificate

Excelsior’s graduate certificate will focus on three areas: regulation and compliance, interstate and international commerce, and risk assessment. Cannabis Control


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Enrolled students are expected to gain a better understanding of the regulatory environment from the local, state, federal, and international levels. They will also be formally trained on the nuances of the legal cannabis industry and enhance their political acumen and problem-solving skills. Cannabis Control

“The more we talk to experts and leaders in the industry, the more we are hearing about the need for education and training in this dynamic and rapidly-evolving regulatory space. Despite projections of continued growth, regionally-accredited universities and colleges have been relatively slow to respond with educational offerings,” says Scott Dolan, Dean of Graduate Studies at Excelsior College. “For us, this program is naturally aligned with our disciplinary expertise in business, public health, criminal justice, and public administration.” Cannabis Control

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