More than pipes, bongs, edibles, oils, dab rigs, or any other means of consumption, the pre-rolled joint remains an icon. It may be the only method that, when pantomimed, says to the rest of the world “cannabis!”A joint is cheap, discreet, disposable, and easily shared among friends. It requires neither the financial investment of a bong nor the time commitment of an edible. But unless you’ve got nimble fingers or hours to spend practicing, it can be tough to learn how to twist one up. Shop our joints today.

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Blueberry Cheese Cake Pre-Roll

Blueberry Cheese Cake Pre Rolls, has a sativa/indica ratio of at least 70:30.

Grape Ape Pre-Roll

Grape Ape Pre-Roll Joint is a clear-headed (yes), Indica-Dominant hybrid widely-popularized for its nostalgic aroma and flavors of berry cereal and grape drink.It also is a CBD rich Pre Roll that may provide very relaxing effects paired with the traditional “couch-lock” experience. These dense nugs are held together with deep purple strands and give off a sweet, grape flavor.  

Lemon Sorbet Pre Roll

A Lemon Banana Sherbert selected phenotype  with more uplifting "Zone" qualities. Lemon Skunk x Sour Banana Sherbert, 31.99% THC. Perfect Lemon Sorbet prerolls for enjoying a beautiful day and getting stuff done! The euphoric cerebral effects from this sativa enhances creativity and energy!

Moon Rock Pina Colada Pre-Roll

Moon Rocks Blueberry Pre Rolls, contains 51% THC, 5% CBD keif added.

Purple Ayahuasca Pre-Roll

Purple Ayahuasca pre rolled joints is Indica with the following Genetics: Master Kush X Red River Delta.