7 Amazing Uses of CBD Oil

Who knew that your go-to CBD oil could be used for these purposes…

As with most things in life, sometimes the things you use everyday have unexpected purposes. For those who regularly consume CBD oil, this medicinal and non-psychoactive substance’s ability for managing a multitude of medical conditions comes as no surprise. However, the cannabidiol oil you are consuming on a regular basis, might have some surprising uses that you may not have even been aware of…

Keep reading to discover 7 amazing uses of CBD oil…

1. The ultimate spot treatment for numerous skin conditions:

Even if it may seem like a waste, it is actually possible to directly apply your CBD oil on to your skin. This oil is normally purchased to be consumed orally, but by using the provided dropper and dabbing this viscous liquid onto your skin with clean fingers, you can help clear up numerous skin conditions. This option works as efficiently, if not more efficiently, than topical CBD-based creams and gels, (it contains practically the same ingredients after all).

Suitable for the healing of mild to severe acne spots, eczema and even psoriasis, CBD has proven to be quite a miracle option for those managing various skin conditions, and seems to work even better than all those store-bought treatments that you waste your money on (and only load your skin up with chemicals that don’t even help).

2. Take a dose of CBD oil if you’re feeling too high from THC:

With the amount of weed lovers out there, it’s a simple and inevitable fact that some individuals consume a little too much THC, and suddenly their high becomes one that is far from enjoyable. For those who regularly experience THC-induced anxiety or paranoia, this might be a frequent or common occurrence, so knowing some tricks to cut away the stress and anxiety produced by over-consumption of THC can actually relieve a lot of the negative emotions that surround cannabis use. And of course, they can also allow you to relax, unwind, and enjoy the medicinal qualities of the plant a little better.

Many studies have expressed cannabidiol’s ability to neutralize a high in a sense, by lessening the psychoactive effects of the marijuana plant. This is actually why the pharmaceutical drug Sativex contains a 1:1 complex of CBD and THC, yet still does not get you very high. They specifically chose this formulation to optimize the medical benefits while still keeping any mind-altering effects to a minimum.

3. CBD oil might make you feel more settled in a large crowd of people, especially if you experience social anxiety:

cbd for anxiety

One brilliant medical feature of CBD is actually its ability to minimize anxiety. Whether it be general anxiety, PTSD or even social anxiety, cannabidiol seems to remove stresses and worries which allows individuals that feel debilitated from anxiety to once again live normal lives. Social anxiety, which can present itself in a mild to severe manner, affects around 15 million Americans. It is defined by the fear of interaction with other human beings, especially in crowded spaces, or even low-key get togethers with friends.

Going out in public can be especially challenging for those who have been diagnosed with social anxiety, so the thought that cannabis oil is actually here to help might be a relieving realization for some. Consume orally a dose of potent cannabidiol oil, and watch as your concerns about being in close proximity to others quickly melts away, all without the psychoactive effects common from THC (which can take you away from reality or cause you to feel tired and sedated). CBD oil is equally as effective for those who have a public speech coming up – if you’re getting the pre-presentation jitters, try a bit of this stuff under your tongue, and you’ll likely gain a massive boost of confidence. uses of cbd oil

4. Get your dogs to stop barking or feeling hyper-alert with the help of CBD:

Although most veterinarians won’t recommend CBD for your pet because they actually aren’t allowed to by law, many pet owners do give their animals small doses of cannabidiol oil in order to assist with numerous medical conditions which can affect these furry members of the family. Whether it be to minimize the pain that pets experience from arthritis, broken bones, diabetes, digestive issues, stress or aggression, this medicinal substance is not only fit for humans but also for their loyal companions as well.

Other effective medications exist on the market for arthritis, pain, digestive issues and more for dogs, but one aspect of pets that medications don’t seem to properly contain is when a canine expresses aggression or is stressed and acting hyper-alert. This stress or aggression can sometimes turn into frustrating (and annoying) barking, which is not only difficult for the pet owner but also for the people living in close proximity to the dog. For this reason, pet owners have started administering small doses of CBD to their dogs, which seems to result in calmer canines and everyone nearby ultimately feeling more content and calmer. uses of cbd oil

5. Trade in your nicotine patches and chewing gum for CBD oil; it can help you quit smoking once and for all:

A research study conducted by the University College of London observed 24 cigarette smokers that underwent a double blind placebo study. The results showed that 40% of test subjects reported a decrease in their cigarette consumption after consuming CBD.

Although further studies do need to be conducted, especially those that involve a greater number of test subjects, the results of this experiment do seem promising. Instead of turning towards nicotine patches or nicotine gum, if you’d like to quit smoking cigarettes once and for all, then perhaps cannabidiol oil might be able to help you. uses of cbd oil to quit smoking.

6. The same bottle of CBD oil can cause you to feel sedated if you’re in need of sleep, or energize you if you’re feeling fatigued:

Multi-purpose and multi-dimensional, you do not need to search for various types of CBD oil in order to fulfill multiple desired results. Effective for those with insomnia and trouble sleeping, as well as those who often experience fatigue or tiredness, intaking a small dose of cannabidiol oil will bring energy and alertness. However, if you up the dose to a higher level, you’ll notice that the medicinal compound will begin to generate sensations of sedation and tiredness.

This combination is especially perfect if you have trouble regulating your sleeping schedule, and/or often wake up still feeling tired or exhausted. CBD can help you get to bed at a decent hour, at which point you can actually rise the next morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

7. If you’ve had trouble finding the right antidepressant, give CBD a shot:

uses of cbd oil

If you’ve been diagnosed with depression, then you likely understand the struggle of antidepressants. It can take months, if not years, to find the right antidepressant for you. This process of trial and error involves being prescribed a specific medication, consuming it for the allotted test period (which can take 2-5 weeks), and then watching over time to see how you feel.

At some point, even long after the trial period, this medication could stop being effective, and for some it can actually make their depression and negative thoughts even worse. Not that CBD is right for everyone that has depression, but if you have tried just about every medication for depression under the sun and still have not achieved the results you deserve, then cannabidiol might be an adequate alternative, especially because this oil does not have any adverse effects tied to it.

Wrapping it Up:

If you regularly consume CBD oil and were wondering what else your daily dose of cannabidiol could assist with, then this article may have brought to light some new ideas about cannabidiol and its uses. Additionally, if you have never consumed CBD oil before but were interested in beginning to intake this cannabinoid either yourself or to start administering it to your pet, then the information above might be able to steer you in the right direction for your own needs.

We hope you found this article to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

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